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5 cool tricks for snapchat and already astonished your friends what you get everything out of the small app. We explain step by step the various snapchat hacks, so you can try all the tricks equal. Trick 1: snapchat filter + X

 Snapchat: Filters & Temperature snapchat: Filters & Temperature At first glance, you can put an image in snapchat either a filter or the temperature / time. But often both would be nice: Wipe sure that the desired filter to the image. Then hold a finger on the screen and wipe with the other hand continue to time or temperature.

Extra tip: CHIP follow at snapchat

  CHIP is now available at snapchat! Follow our account chip_de for an exclusive insight into the editorial. Trick 2: Arrange text in snapchat free

 Snapchat: Text freely arrange snapchat: arrange text freely When you insert a text at snapchat, is the first ever in the middle. But this need not remain so: Simply press again on the T icon. Now you can move the text anywhere on the photo. And something else is possible: With two fingers can zoom in and out of the text.

Trick 3: Creating Your snapchat filter

Even the largest snapchat fan must admit: The number of filters is quite embarrassing. Luckily, you can create your own color filters: To do this, as a test, an "I" a. Now you need as described in trick 2 tap the T icon and the letter enlarge so much until it like a filter over the image enough. Since the edge of the letter is a little transparency, a great filter effect comes about. Note: This tip is currently only works with the iOS app. Android users need to add de rule instead of a letter an emoticon and drag it to the appropriate size.   Trick 4: Make a frame in snapchat

 Snapchat: Add frame snapchat: Add frame framework there is not at snapchat. Therefore, you have to resort to a trick: Choose from among the emoticons with a transparent inner surfaces. These include, for example, the alien and the pout. The emoticon then drag so great up there as a frame only surrounds the image

Trick 5: Unlimited text for snapchat (only iPhone)

This hack is awesome, but does not work on most Android smartphones: If the text is actually too long for snapchat, just write it in the note-taking app. Then copy the text and paste it in the text box at snapchat. Alternatively: Use the [Enter] key, you can create some blank lines in the memo app and paste it into snapchat. Already you have enough space for small novels.

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